Quality Assurance


Quality Management

Globalone Mould is certified by BSI British Standards Institute as to meeting or exceeding the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 relating to all activities performed at their facilities.
Division managers have developed their own quality team with specifically trained and experienced in their divisions manufacturing field. These teams include quality engineers, quality technicians and inspectors.


Quality Control Systems
 The Globalone Mould Corporate Quality Control System is designed to assure no matter in which division you regularly work with, you are receiving the same attention to detail to assure superior quality and service.

These systems include:

 Incoming Quality Control
 Assure incoming material positive and timely corrective and preventative action.  


 In Process Quality Control
 Assure that the product is successfully and efficiently being manufactured in production.  

 Output Quality Control
 Assure that the output accord with customers’ requirement. 

 The whole Quality Control System is committed to providing customers with products of superior quality in time.

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